Benefits of Scheduling Regular Massage Therapy Sessions

Provides Relief From Back Pain

How Does a Massage Relieve Muscle Pain?

A massage can be useful in relieving discomfort caused by muscle tension or spasms. To increase blood circulation to the area of discomfort as well as throughout the entire body, massage therapists rely on various techniques.

When the muscle and surrounding connective tissue are infused with the re-oxygenated blood, which encourages the tense and painful muscles to relax. As a result, the spasms are relieved and the uncomfortable feeling quickly dissipates. Getting a massage can also help with eliminating toxins and other waste from the muscle fibers.


Soothing Your Tired Muscles

After a session, your massage therapist will advise you to drink more water to support the elimination of waste and toxins. You will also be encouraged to apply ice to the previously sore and tight areas. Besides promoting additional healing, the ice will ease the discomfort radiating from your overworked muscles.

Proper nutrition, frequent massage, and careful stretching may help to prevent the conditions that caused the painful muscle tension. It may also be necessary to modify ergonomics in the workplace to further address possible sources of this issue.

Tired and Overworked?

If you are spending too many hours sitting in one position or lifting way too much,
we have a unique massage sequence just for you! This massage is designed to release tight and painful neck,
shoulder, and back muscles. This sequence will leave you feeling relaxed
and ready to meet your next challenge.

Headache Relief

Trigger point therapy as well as other deep pressure techniques have been used to treat headache and migraine sufferers successfully.

Researchers have found a massage protocol that, when applied to specific areas in the upper back, shoulders, neck, and head, can provide much-needed relief from throbbing and painful headaches or migraines.

Regular scheduling of this massage treatment protocol combined with rest, exercise, and proper nutrition has resulted in minimizing—and in some cases, eliminating—the frequency and intensity of these headaches and migraines.


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Connection Between Massage and Water

If you want a massage that stimulates and manipulates muscles in ways that bring out waste materials, get a deep tissue massage and drink water after. Hydrating after a session will help to flush any toxins so that it does not cause discomfort or reabsorb into the muscles.

Drinking water before your massage will make the muscles well hydrated, so they will be easier to palpate. Additionally, increasing your water intake is especially helpful if you book a session for a deep tissue massage. Your massage therapist will have an easier time handling your muscle tissue and bring you comfort and relief.


After the Gym

Do you ever feel like you are getting too much of a good thing? How many times do you wake up the day after a great workout and feel tired because of your tight and sore muscles? Yes, it is possible to overdo activities that are beneficial for your health!

Frequent massage helps your muscles by stretching the overused fibers, facilitating the removal of lactic acid and other toxins, improving circulation, and providing stress relief from the workout as well as from life’s daily ups and downs.

Make massage an important part of your wellness program.

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Do you ever wonder about the benefits of regularly scheduling a massage session? Have you experienced an increased sense of well-being and relaxation afterward?

Maybe you have recognized that you relaxed relatively quickly after having experienced a stressful event. Have you noticed an extended period without pain and discomfort after receiving a massage once a week for several weeks?

These are just a few of the experiences noticed by those who get a massage regularly (often once per week or every other week).


The Benefits of Receiving Frequent Massage

With regular massage, you will notice reduced feelings of anxiety,
decreased blood pressure levels,fewer symptoms of depression, and an increased motivation
to accomplish goals and improve your daily health habits.

Perhaps you would like to schedule frequent appointments for a specific period of time?

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